How inspiring is Vandana Luthra’s Success Journey?

VLCC (Vandana Luthra Curls and Curves) is now a renowned company not only in India but also over 11 different countries across Asia, Africa, and the GCC.  This beauty and fitness giant is known for its reputed therapeutic solution to beauty treatments as well as weight loss treatments too. The reign of this massive achievement started from a single lady from India and now has staff strength of 4000+.

Now, this simple startup which was lead by an Indian lady named Vandana Luthra is a one-top solution for every kind of beauty-related queries having doctors, physiotherapists, cosmetologists and nutritionists, all with a good experience. It has served over five million consumers all over the world to date and is continuing to be the best in its legion from every corner of the world.

Keeping the reputation and progress of the company apart, the journey of the founder Mrs., Vandana Luthra is even more inspiring. Being a homemaker initially to getting listed as the 33rd most powerful women in India and receiving the Padma Shri award in 2013, each and every step is a good lesson for the strugglers in entrepreneurship.

Struggles faced

The whole success journey of Vandana started in 1989 when she already had two daughters of which the first one was only 3 years old. In this period, one can hardly find a women entrepreneur in India due to the limitation and culture boundaries, etc. In a literally male-dominated era where women were limited only to kitchen and hardly some of them were sent to school, Vandana faced a lot of criticism from the society.

Vandana also says that there were many people who want to suppress my progress every time and never let me grow in my chosen field and in business. People of that time were completely unaware of the fitness programs, wellness, diet or even proper nutrition too. This became quite a task for Vandana to first create awareness and make the people realize its importance. However, Vandana wants to cross all these obstacles on her own even if her husband offered her support from his side.

However, being a unique and unusual concept at that specific period of time she completely believed in her skills and idea, and never let these ruin her dream from the core. Her idea of bringing the medical fraternity to wellness was introduced first time in India which was quite unimaginable and way ahead of its time. The unique concept in her business started gathering some targeted number of customers even some initial hiccups were faced here and there.


Making other people’s lives was an inspiring aspect at that time and this came to her from her parents. In her childhood, her parents used to invite many people of their locality to watch TV in their house as it was the first TV in their society. Moreover, her mother was also a renowned people’s person and also had a trust named Amar Jyoti. The trust run by her mother was also first of its kind that is dedicated to providing education to kids with disabilities from nursery to seventh.

At the initial stage, after she got married, Vandana wanted to just promote health and fitness in the area where her family was residing as no one have any kind of idea about fitness, nutrition, diet, and wellness. But her passion for designing sensual hairstyles and experimenting with new styles was also added with her thoughts and gave rise to this revolutionary company that is now known to everyone.


Having a unique concept is not the only part which is required by a successful business, promotions, and awareness of the provided services is also equally important. Vandana started tasting success in her initial stage faster just because of her way of promotion. She treated her company like a clinic and used to promote it in that way too. She used to work with doctors daily for hours and the demand for doctors is what brought a massive number of customers who also added up with proper nutrition plans and therapeutic solutions for beauty.

Slowly the satisfied customers who got incredible results started to talk about the concept of her space and when the business grew to some places, the extension of VLCC took place across many countries and became the renowned brand that it is now. Vandana was also appointed the first women chairperson of wellness and beauty sector skill council in the year 2014.

Vandana believed that if your idea is a unique one and can help a massive number of people then it will definitely succeed one way or the other. The live example was her own life in which even after having three granddaughters, Vandana is living her dream of making a healthy and beautiful society.

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